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A simple, yet powerful parenting tip!

Today, I want to share with you a very powerful tool/ strategy that will help you have smoother days with your child  while keeping your relationship strong.

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A simple shift in the words you use

Feliz Lunes!


3 tips to prevent tantrums at the store

Imagine this: You’re at the store with your child… You have managed to get everything on the list and you are heading toward the register.  You’re almost there when you hear: AHHHH! LOOK!  This is the toy I’ve been talking about! can I please get it? PLEASE?! What do you do now? Panic? Get upset?Continue Reading

Spanish made easy – one phrase

Is the thought of learning a second language overwhelming to you? The reason language learning seems like a monstrous task is because we focus on the end result… mastering grammar, sentence structures, idioms, vocabulary, accent, etc.  And we forget how we acquired our first language. We acquired our first language through the repetition of realContinue Reading

Personal Development as a parenting tool

We all want our children to be happy and fulfilled. With so many different parenting styles, education philosophies and opinions of friends and family members, this goal can seem overwhelming. However, there’s a simple way to achieve this… and it is for YOU to become happy and fulfilled. Working on our own personal development allowsContinue Reading

How to stop a tantrum before it starts

Buenas Noches, If you were eager to read this post after reading the subject line, you’re probably too busy to read a long post… So let’s get to the “carne y papas” Here’s one tool to stop tantrums before they start Feliz Viernes! CON AMOR, Daniela

Best parenting book…EVER!

Buenas Noches, If you have been with us for a while, you may already know how much I love this parenting book. “How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk”  is NOT a book for controlling your child’s behavior. Instead, this book is full of wisdom on how to create aContinue Reading

How to get out of a funk – 3 tips

Buenas noches, The holidays are here… don’t you wish you were 6 years old? I do! Well, we are adults now and have lots to do, buy and schedule during the holidays.  Often, this can bring overwhelm, crankiness and can put us in a funk! I believe that when we are in a negative placeContinue Reading


Buenos días, Today is the day! Years ago, we realized that the biggest predictor of language success in our students was the parents’ interest in learning the language and using it at home. This is why we wrote this book. To give you the tools and strategies needed to become a bilingual family. Click hereContinue Reading

Make Back To School Shopping FUN!

Buenas Noches, School is just around the corner.  Here are some tips to make school shopping fun for you and your child… plus a PDF with Spanish vocabulary for back to school shopping. Click here to watch the video Download PDF  Feliz Viernes! CON AMOR, Daniela

How To Roll Your Rs

Buenas noches familias, If you are wanting to learn Spanish, I’m sure you’ve been asked more than once if you can roll your Rs. Someone may have even told you that before you learn Spanish, you need to learn how to roll your Rs. Well, I feel this is an important issue to address and IContinue Reading

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