YOU are the best language teacher for your child

(Even if you only speak one language)

What a great read! I was amazed how the author presented academic information in a free flowing, easy to read manner. To be honest, I didn't expect to get excited about reading more academic literature pertaining to obtaining a second language. After studying ESL for two and a half years, I needed a break. However, I was quickly caught up in the book and was shocked how the author succinctly summarized my two and a half years of study.

Steve Martindale

Take A Glimpse Inside The Book

  1. Tips on strengthening your relationship with your child because relationships are the foundation for second language acquisition 
  2. The stages of your language learning journey 
  3. Strategies to help your child during each stage 
  4. Useful *Spanish phrases and vocabulary to use during daily interactions with audio. *Our method and strategies can apply to learning any language 
  5. An actionable roadmap for your language learning journey 

About The Authors

Daniela Perieda

Founder of Bilingual Family, a Spanish immersion school for children in Oklahoma City. Daniela helps parents create meaningful relationships with their children while learning Spanish. She believes teachers and families play an important role in the development of the WHOLE child. For this reason, her goal is to create a community of bilingual families.

LaDonna Atkins

LaDonna Atkins, professor in the Child Development program at The University of Central Oklahoma. Her educational background includes: child development, early childhood education and curriculum instruction. She is very active in the International Play Association and serves as president of the U.S.A. board.