Why It’s Necessary To Make Language Real

Buenas Noches,

While you may not remember how you acquired your native language, you have definitely seen the process babies go through in leaning their native language.

Do babies start speaking on day one?
Do they memorize grammar rules?
Are they forced to repeat the same word or phrase over and over until they achieve perfect pronunciation?


They acquire the language because they hear words and phrases that are real and meaningful in their life. In other words, they get “Comprehensible input” 24/7.

One of the key component of making messages comprehensible is to have visuals. This helps the brain create a neutral connection to the word/phrase.

Well, I want to share some funny comprehensible input…

Last week I got my wisdom teeth pulled and I made a video about my appearance after the surgery.


Click here to watch video

Feliz Viernes!


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