" Everything I could have dreamed of in a preschool. We love the teachers, the concept, and connection that is being made between my son and his teachers and classmates. Literally all the anxiety of sending my oldest to school has been melted away with a perfect experience. " - Cassi Abolhosn

" My son absolutely loves going to Bilingual Family! Mrs. Perieda is the best. I've enrolled my young son in several of her Spanish classes over the years. He looks forward to class. He is learning a ton. She even records words and phrases to help the child's family members at home. Highly recommended!" 

- Klint Cowan

" These programs have made a big difference in how my children embrace being bilingual. It helps them stay excited about Spanish."   

 - Carrie Barton

Very grateful to have found Bilingual Family!

1) Exposure to another language at such an early age (17 months) will help his language development skills.

2) Exposure to another language will hopefully open his eyes or peak his curiosity into other cultures.

3) The program itself is very well thought out. The structure of the class keeps him engaged and curious.

-Karla Schwarz

Bilingual Family is fabulous. My daughter and I attend weekly Mommy and Me classes - both of us are learning so much! Allie is beginning to respond more and more in Spanish to our Spanish speaking family and I am too! The best thing is that the whole program is very celebratory and life giving - no shame or feeling bad, but rather sweet encouragement and celebration of progress which is what we all need when learning! The teachers are native speakers which I have found very refreshing in the learning process. They are amazing!          

- Diane Madrid

" Every week my 2 year old son looks forward to Spanish Class. Daniela is amazing with kids and really hands on! We are so happy to have found her!"   

- Krissi Green

"Thanks Daniela! You are wonderful! Your ability to create organized, creative  and fun activities to teach Spanish is astonishing. Ryan came to you with a very limited Spanish vocabulary, but now he amazes us everyday with his Spanish comprehension."   

- Steve Martindale

Bilingual Family has been such a blessing in our family! We believe it is so important to learn a second language as early as possible and it has been amazing to watch both of our boys pick up the Spanish language so well and fast. Everything they do in class has a purpose and we love watching them understand and speak the language each week!

- LeeAnne Stone

Bilingual Family is a wonderful program with small class sizes and caring teachers. They are able to cater their teachings to the interests of my child, as well as expose him to new things. We love it!

- Angie Laing