Make your bedtime routine less stressful

What do you want your children to remember from their childhood?

Tonight, I want to share with you one of my favorite childhood memories.  This memory reminds me of the importance of patience, playfulness and presence in the development and maintenance of relationships with children.

My bedtime memory:

*I’d like to start by acknowledging how grateful I am to have a mom who saw me as a creative, inquisitive and independent child….

As a child,  I didn’t like getting ready for bed.  I especially didn’t like getting in my pj’s.

One day my mom decided to create a game around getting ready for bed.  She knew how much I enjoyed playing store, so she followed my interest.

She came to the “PJ store” looking for pj’s for her 5 year old daughter…

I was delighted to help this costumer and immediately began showing her our selection.

She made her purchase, I put it in a bag and she went home to surprise her daughter.

As soon as she arrived “home” and showed me the pj’s, I was excited to try them on.

Mission accomplished! I was in my pj’s!

It’s hard to believe that my mom had the patience to play this game almost every night, but I feel absolutely LOVED as share this.

We live  busy lives and often forget how to be playful and in the moment.  Let’s bring out our inner child at least once a day!

Here’s a book about a playful bedtime routine.

Feliz Viernes!


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