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Spanish Word of the Day

Did your parents give you grammar lessons as an infant? How about “English 101”? Did you get a list of vocabulary words to memorize?


You acquired English through real and meaningful interactions with the people you loved.

The language you were receiving was full of comprehensible input. In other words, you understood the message without having to understand each word.

This is how we learn language. PERIOD.

Recently, I decide to make some playful videos with lots of comprehensible input and I have decided to create a playlist on YouTube where they can all be accessed.

So, if you want to get a good laugh and learn Spanish at the same time, I invite you to check it out!

Check out the Playlist

Feliz Viernes!


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A simple way to get your child to reply in Spanish

Have you ever asked your child a question in Spanish  and received a reply in English?   Has you child refused to speak in Spanish? Do you feel like the only way to get your child to reply in Spanish is by threatening or forcing? You are not alone. In today’s episode I will shareContinue Reading

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