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How we ended up with FOUR dogs!

Do you love dogs?

I believe we attract people who are similar to us and since you are part of our family and are reading this email, I am almost certain you love dogs as much as I do!

I have 4 dogs.

As you may already know, the best way to learn a second language is with content that’s real and meaningful to you. This is why I’m sharing about my dogs with you …in Spanish.


Meet my “familia”

Feliz Viernes!


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A fun way to learn vocabulary

One of the best ways to learn language is through songs. Think about it. What were some of the first songs you learned as a child?  I bet you still remember the lyrics. Children love to sing the same song over and over and since repetition is one of the keys to learn a secondContinue Reading

Spanish made easy – one phrase

Is the thought of learning a second language overwhelming to you? The reason language learning seems like a monstrous task is because we focus on the end result… mastering grammar, sentence structures, idioms, vocabulary, accent, etc.  And we forget how we acquired our first language. We acquired our first language through the repetition of realContinue Reading

Los pollitos

Buenas Noches, I find it fascinating how in different languages, animals “make” different sounds… Today, I will share one of my favorite childhood songs. It’s about a baby chick who says pio pio pio 😉 Click here to sing with me! Feliz Viernes! CON AMOR, Daniela

How to create audio books

Buenas Noches, Do you ever wish you could listen to your grandma’s voice one more time? What if she could read your favorite bedtime story… forever? I’m so excited to share today’s video with you. In this video, I will show you how to create your own audio books and preserve the voice of yourContinue Reading

How to make snow… IN Spanish

Buenas Noches, Last week, we (Okies) got a little taste of Winter.  If you’re already missing the snow, or if you live in a corner of the world where it doesn’t snow, I have a treat for you. I have the recipe for snow! Well… It’s not exactly snow, but it looks like snow and it’s aContinue Reading

Don’t play with your food! Play with this…

Buenas tardes, I have a confession to make. Before recording this episode, I had never played with “Mr. Potato Head”. I was surprised by the amount of silliness and comprehensible input packed in a tiny potato! I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it! Feliz Viernes! CON  MUCHO AMOR, Daniela

Caution! You may spend all day playing with this…

Buenas tardes, I know this is a crazy and busy weekend for you. However, I want to encourage you to make this recipe.  It will give you and your child hours of fun! Remember… Playing in Spanish = Learning Spanish Get ready for hours of FUN! Feliz Viernes! CON AMOR, Daniela


Buenos días, Today is the day! Years ago, we realized that the biggest predictor of language success in our students was the parents’ interest in learning the language and using it at home. This is why we wrote this book. To give you the tools and strategies needed to become a bilingual family. Click hereContinue Reading

Stop Trying To Learn Spanish… Instead, Learn IN Spanish

Buenas noches, Have you ever been so involved in an activity that you forget about time?  Those types of compelling activities  are perfect to learn a second language. Doing what you love IN the target language will help you and your child acquire the language naturally. This is a compelling activity for all ages! Feliz Viernes! CONContinue Reading

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