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A simple way to learn Spanish together!

As you know, reading with your child  is one of the best things you can do for their language development.  If you are learning Spanish, reading together is a great way to get lots of comprehensible input in a low stress environment.

This is one of my favorite books.

Feliz viernes!


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How we ended up with FOUR dogs!

Do you love dogs? I believe we attract people who are similar to us and since you are part of our family and are reading this email, I am almost certain you love dogs as much as I do! I have 4 dogs. ¡Si, CUATRO! As you may already know, the best way to learnContinue Reading

A simple, yet powerful parenting tip!

Today, I want to share with you a very powerful tool/ strategy that will help you have smoother days with your child  while keeping your relationship strong. Click bellow to see the video and check out our new set! A simple shift in the words you use Feliz Lunes! CON AMOR, Daniela

Knowing When To Take A Break

Those of you who know me personally know that I love my work!  I love my work so much that I decided to take a bunch of it home… Please tell me you do this too! I decided to take 20 books home with the intention to record 20 videos of me reading the books. TheContinue Reading

Spanish Word of the Day

Did your parents give you grammar lessons as an infant? How about “English 101”? Did you get a list of vocabulary words to memorize? NO, NO, NO! You acquired English through real and meaningful interactions with the people you loved. The language you were receiving was full of comprehensible input. In other words, you understoodContinue Reading

An “autobiography” written by a child

I am extremely excited to share this book with you, so I’m not going to make you read a long email…. But only if you promise to watch this video 😉 Click here to watch the video Feliz Viernes! CON AMOR, Daniela Are you ready to become a bilingual family?  Get our book and start today

A simple way to get your child to reply in Spanish

Have you ever asked your child a question in Spanish  and received a reply in English?   Has you child refused to speak in Spanish? Do you feel like the only way to get your child to reply in Spanish is by threatening or forcing? You are not alone. In today’s episode I will shareContinue Reading

Make your bedtime routine less stressful

What do you want your children to remember from their childhood? Tonight, I want to share with you one of my favorite childhood memories.  This memory reminds me of the importance of patience, playfulness and presence in the development and maintenance of relationships with children. My bedtime memory: *I’d like to start by acknowledging howContinue Reading

3 tips to prevent tantrums at the store

Imagine this: You’re at the store with your child… You have managed to get everything on the list and you are heading toward the register.  You’re almost there when you hear: AHHHH! LOOK!  This is the toy I’ve been talking about! can I please get it? PLEASE?! What do you do now? Panic? Get upset?Continue Reading

A fun way to learn vocabulary

One of the best ways to learn language is through songs. Think about it. What were some of the first songs you learned as a child?  I bet you still remember the lyrics. Children love to sing the same song over and over and since repetition is one of the keys to learn a secondContinue Reading

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